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Licensed Albuquerque Electricians

Licensed Albuquerque Electricians
Commercial, Retail, Offices, Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting --License # 81262

Energy Savings

Albuquerque's Premier Electrical Contractor and Electrician
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Energy savings are reflected in a company’s profit-and-loss statement as reduced operating costs, which directly increases profitability.
Improving the energy efficiency of a building usually involves upgrades to the lighting and HVAC systems. By creating a more pleasing shopping and working environment, these upgrades can also attract and retain more customers, leading to an increase in sales.

Kimbrough Electric's team of experienced Albuquerque electricians specialize in energy savings to assist Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Hospitality and Retail Clients in their efforts to save energy and reduce operating costs, while maintaining and improving the aesthetics of their environment. This is accomplished by designing and installing energy efficient alternatives to existing inefficient lighting.

In today's economy, reducing costs are a must!
Our Albuquerque electricians can show you how!

For a major chain, efficiency improvements that cut energy costs by 10 percent could yield tens of millions of dollars in added profit.

Reducing a facility’s total energy consumption can soften the impact of energy price fluctuations.

With growing concerns over global warming and other environmental issues, many business owners want to demonstrate to customers that they are responsible environmental stewards.

References available upon request, contact us at 505-292-3800


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Electrical Repair and Installation


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